Statement in support of Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown

In light of the recent statement by the Diocese of London, we, a collective of Anglo-Catholic socialists, wish to publicly announce our support of Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown. Given his public apology and commitment to following social media guidelines, we deeply hope that he is not removed from any post within the diocese following the review. 

A tweet which reads the following:

'Jarel Robinson-Brown's comments regarding Captain Sir Tom Moor were unacceptable, insensitive and ill-judged. The fact that he immediately removed his tweet and subsequently apologies does not undo the hurt he has caused, not least to Captain Tom's family. Nor do Jarel's actions justify the racist abuse he is now receiving.

A review is now underway, let by the Archdeacon of London. As a Church, we expect clergy to ensure that all online activity is in line with the Church of England's social media guidelines and built on truth, kindness and sensitivity to others. It is incumbent upon all of us to make social media and the web more widely positive places for conversations to happen.'
A tweet from Diocese of London twitter account, captured 4th February 2020

We do not agree with the official diocesan statement that the comments were unacceptable, nor do we agree with accusations made by others that the original tweet was racist. Contrary to the statement made by the diocese, the original tweet was not about Captain Tom but the way that the government and media has opportunistically used his death. 

What is unacceptable is the way that bad-faith actors, who in many cases misconstrued and appropriated the tweet to cause division, have been enabled in their attack on a Black clergyman. Whilst it is understandable the original tweet would be divisive for some, as siblings in Christ, we are exhorted to speak the truth to each other, a tradition which Jarel’s statements firmly belongs to. 

Although the nature of the review has not been clarified, we hope that the Diocese of London remembers its commitment to serving all communities, including those who have been historically marginalised, sidelined and ignored by the hierarchy itself. We ask for a statement that the Diocese will maintain Revd Robinson-Brown and take a firmer, explicit stance on all its platforms – digital or otherwise – to counter the abuse that he is currently experiencing.


The Anglo-Catholic Socialist Collective

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